Tips for trips


AQUA PARK Staré Splavy. Here you will find floating water attractions and a white sandy beach with live palm trees.

CYCLING TRIPS IN THE SURROUNDINGS – Circuits such as around Lake Mácha, to Bezděz or Military Area and the whole Kokořínsko region.

TENNIS – 300 meters from the hotel are the Tennis Courts Staré Splavy.

HORSE RIDING – In the village of Vrchovany, 6 km from Doksy, beneath the ruins of the Starý Berštejn castle, there is a tourist riding school set in beautiful nature, offering horse and pony rides throughout the year. Also, rides are offered by Konírna Zakšín.

GOLF – You can visit Golf Mladá Boleslav, located 26 km from the hotel, or Golf Club Česká Lípa in Nový Bor, located 15 km from the hotel.

FISHING – Fishing is possible at Lake Mácha (Fishing Permits for the Fishing Area) or at Nový Rybník in Staré Splavy.


Bezděz Castle
The royal Bezděz Castle is undoubtedly one of our most famous and beloved castles. Its characteristic silhouette with two towers on the higher of the two phonolite hills (604 and 577 meters above sea level), which significantly dominate the surrounding landscape, forms an unforgettable landmark of the region.

Houska Castle
Originally a Gothic castle built in the 13th century, after renovations it is now more of a Renaissance chateau. Mysterious, magical, cursed, or infernal. Houska Castle bears all these epithets and was opened to the public only in 1999.

Kokořín Castle
The castle from 1320 was inhabited until the mid-16th century, then abandoned and turned into ruins. The foundations of Kokořín Castle were carved into sandstone rock at a place where a shallow Cretaceous sea once spread.

In Staré Splavy, you will find the Four-Leaf Clover Comic Museum, and in nearby Mladá Boleslav, there is the Škoda Museum and the Aviation Museum.

Other attractions include, for example: AJETO Glassworks, Prácheňské Skály, or Hell Mines.


National Nature Reserve BŘEHYNĚ – PECOPALA – A vast reserve with diverse habitats typical for the Dokeská Highlands – a pond with adjacent reed beds, peat bogs, marsh meadows, waterlogged spruce forests, and further a sandstone plateau covered with pine and beech forests.

Natural Monument KONVALINKOVÝ VRCH – A wooded hill close to the railway line between Jestřebí and Staré Splavy, about 1.8 km southeast of the Jestřebí railway station.

National Natural Monument SWAMP – A peat bog with numerous ponds in the bay of Máchovo jezero, with unique fauna and flora. The area is a significant site for algae.

PROVODÍNSKÉ KAMENY – Natural Monument Protected Area consisting of a prominent basalt volcanic cone (Lysá skála 419 m above sea level) with occurrences of thermophilic flora.

VELKÝ A MALÝ BEZDĚZ – Nature Reserve Two phonolite peaks at an altitude of 603 m above sea level (Velký Bezděz) and 578 m above sea level (Malý Bezděz).