St. Martin's menu

We invite you to sample St. Martin's wines and traditional goose specialties from 8.11.

St. Martin's wine from Friday 8.11.2019. It is a breach of the long-term condition strictly stipulating the first sales and tastings of St. Martin's wines on 11 November.

Traditional St. Martin's menu

St. Martin's goose legs (400g) baked with apples. Choose your own side dish, we have homemade Viennese or potato dumplings. White and red cabbage and a choice of two kinds of goose sauce.

St. Martin's wines from Skoupil winery
Saint Martin wine poured 1 dcl 49 Kč / Bottle 259 Kč

Winemakers, but also we, wine lovers for the first glass of St. Martin's wine are eagerly waiting to see if the new year has been a success and whether there is really a reason for St. Martin's celebrations and why is it to look forward to the new year's wine. St. Martin's celebrations associated with tasting young (St. Martin's) wine have not come to the attention of the wider public until recent years.

St. Martin's tradition originated in the 18th century during the reign of Emperor Joseph II. On that day - on St. Martin - the vineyard owners used to go to their winemakers to taste new wine and then, depending on its quality, decided whether to extend the contract with the winemaker for another year. And if he was happy and the contract was extended, it was a really good reason to celebrate.

To this day, we have remained from this ancient custom of St. Martin's celebrations, St. Martin's wine and St. Martin's goose.

St. Martin's wine is not a category of wines according to the Wine Act, but a registered trademark for the joint presentation of young Moravian and Czech wines. The stamp belongs to the Wine Fund. Young wines may be sold under the Saint Martin mark no earlier than 11 November, namely from the varieties Müller Thurgau, Veltliner early early and Moravian Muscat (for white wines) and Blue Portugal and St. Laurent (for rosé and red wines). Before being placed on the market, wines must be approved by an independent wine tasting committee to assess whether the wines meet the sensory standards required.


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