Aparment Berg

We are preparing BERG investment apartments

36 apartments and 8 duplex apartments and 12 studios with exclusive lake views

Study of a project for the construction and sale of investment apartments, which may be part of a hotel complex. This is only a study and a proposal for a possible future expansion of the accommodation capacity of HOTEL BERG. For the time being, no building permit or related requirements have been secured for the given project. Below is the intended method of project implementation. When buying an apartment or at any time later, the acquirer can decide how to use the apartment, the basic options are as follows:

  • the apartment will be used partly by itself and can be rented at the remaining time
  • the apartment can be considered as an investment made for rental income - the apartment will not be used by the owner, we will take care of the regular rental income.
  • in both variants, the full management service of HOTEL BERG will be provided upon agreement.

If the future owner decides for the first variant, he chooses the date when he will want to use the apartment for himself. In his absence, the apartments will be managed and rented through the hotel management, respectively. operating companies. This company will take care of the presentation and rental of the apartment when it will not be used. The tenants will thus be offered the same quality of service as is provided to hotel guests.
In the second variant, when the apartment will not be used at all, the owner can maximize the profit from its rental, and thus has the opportunity to achieve the highest possible yield.

Why do we have high expectations about the future income from renting apartments?

  • We are within 45 minutes by car from Prague
  • Macha Lake and the marina within 100 meters from the complex
  • Modernization of facilities and beaches in the town of Doksy, rising level of services to visitors
  • The number of visitors to Czech resorts is constantly increasing, not only in the summer months
  • Macha Lake suffers from a lack of quality accommodation of a higher category
  • Visitors stop accepting substandard accommodation at the level of the 1980s

These are the main reasons why we believe that the income from renting apartments in our project will exceed the income from a common investment apartment or the income from an apartment in another location and will bring a stable and secure income with minimal risk.





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  • 1. Romantic spa wellness stay for couples
    1. Romantic spa wellness stay for couples

    from 4 900 Kč

  • 2. Wellness GÁRNI Berg stay for a couple
    2. Wellness GÁRNI Berg stay for a couple

    from 3 600 Kč



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