Rich breakfast, menu with a selection of seasonal and regional products and organic products. Hot and cold breakfast. Selection of baked bread. Daily fresh offer of sweet baked specialties. There is also a corner with energetically valuable cereal products for vitality and health. Breakfast room service as well as breakfast packages can be ordered. Breakfast is served daily from 7:30 to 10:30

Breakfast is served in the form of "Permanent Offer", which is complemented by "Breakfast Buffet" or "Served Breakfast"


Dairy butter: natural yoghurt loose in the bowl, variation butter spread small package
Cereal counter: Cornflakes, jam, honey, dried fruit and seeds
Bread: rolls freshly baked (without poppy), bread, toast bread (light, dark), Knäckebrot
Sweet cuisine: preferred with fruits, homemade slices with seasonal fruits, gelatin, bubbly without poppy and nuts, substitute for Croissant.
Fruit: seasonal offer, variation of exotic fruits cut and wrapped in foil
Cold drinks: orange and apple juice, sparkling and still water, milk
Hot drinks: coffee drinks, hot chocolate, tea


Hot 2 kinds of sausages, two egg dishes (cooked eggs are prepared by the client), beans, mustard, ketchup,
roast bacon variation, roasted sausage wheels, barbecue sausage
Sausages and sausages min 3 kinds: soft, hard and diet, variation sliced bacon, ham, sausages, pate - up to 5 total types
Cheese hard sliced, processed, soft, variation Hermelín, Niva
Fish products pickled fish: roasters, pepper shakers
Fresh sliced vegetables pepper, tomato, cucumber variation combination with mozzarella, salad
or pickled vegetables legumes or mixtures thereof, salad, peas, beans, corn, beans, onions, chicken, peppers


Selection of breakfast menu, description in text and choice 1-5.


We can prepare a breakfast package for early departures

The direct telephone number for breakfast packages and for booking non-accommodated is 487 525 405


 Online booking

Stay packages

  • 10. Stay in January and February for couple with half board and SPA WELLNESS
    10. Stay in January and February for couple with half board and SPA WELLNESS

    from 2 650 CZK

  • 1. Romantic spa wellness stay for couples
    1. Romantic spa wellness stay for couples

    from 3 450 CZK


  • TOP "Gift cards"
    TOP "Gift cards"

    Stay for a couple from 3.650 Kč

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