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Carefully selected and highly qualified collaborators and the choice of attractions and activities in our hotel guarantee our guests to spend the holiday of their dreams here.

Our main goal is to make our guests feel at home best. We strive to meet all expectations.

Host's satisfaction is our highest credo.

We are one big family and we help each other, because each chain is as strong as its weakest link. That's why the hotel team is so important.

Our co-workers have a preferential personal diet, the possibility of accommodation in our service apartments. We also guarantee year-round operation and permanent employment for an indefinite period of time.

For employees and their family members we have a bonus wellness program at our hotel.

In the summer season, we accept students as well.

We are always interested in new colleagues. Send your candidate letters with background material, including CV (with photo), both Czech and English. We'll get back together with you.

Email: recepce@hotelberg.cz

for Team HOTEL BERG Tomas Cermak, company executive

Please read the following text carefully and always include it with your email or letter, otherwise we will not be able to work with your data. events@hotelberg.cz

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Stay packages

  • 1. Romantic spa wellness stay for a couple
    1. Romantic spa wellness stay for a couple

    from 3 350 CZK

  • 9. New Year's wellness stay
    9. New Year's wellness stay

    from 7 601 CZK


  • Nová novinka
    Nová novinka


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  • Booking 2017
    Booking 2017

    We have obtained the Certificate of Booking Guest Review Awards 2017

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