How far is it to the water?

  • The shore of Mácha's lake is about 50 meters below the hotel
  • 100 meters to the platform.
  • The beach of Stare Splavy with its aquapark is a 5-minute walk away.

Is there a lift at the hotel?

  • We do not have a lift.

Will you provide an evening menu? Yes

  • We provide half board
  • A rich breakfast is included in the room rate - daily from 07:30 to 10:30
  • Half-board "Evening three-course menu" (soup, choice of main course, dessert for 363 Kč per person from 18:30 to 21:30
  • Half-board "Evening children's menu" (soup, baby food, ice cream) 175 Kč per child from 3 to 12 years, from 18.30 to 21.30
  • We do not provide full board, restaurant is open daily from 11:30 to 17:00 ALLA CARD, PIZZA CARD, DAY OFFER
  • 18:30 until 22:00 is a restaurant only for hotel guests and reservations

Is transfer possible from the airport?

  • Yes in every room there is a room equipped bar.
  • For a fee, you can use it as a fridge, the content of the room bar will be removed by the hotel staff.
  • The consumption of the room bar is not included in the price.

Is it possible an extra bed?

  • Yes, most of the rooms have a sofa bed that can be adjusted to a 140 cm wide bed
  • Third person, child in room without bed or extra bed, up to 6 years incl. with breakfast free of charge
  • Every other guest in the room on an extra bed up to 12 years incl. with breakfast 50% from the price of a fixed bed room
  • Every person in the room on an extra bed from 13 to 17 years incl. with breakfast 70% from the price of a fixed bed room
  • Every other person in the room on an extra bed from 18 years old with breakfast the price of a fixed bed room
  • Cot (up to 3 years), reservation required, limited number 150 CZK / night
  • Extra bed rates vary for each booking system. Most preferably at http://www.hotelberg.cz/en/reservation/ Please note that these rates are the most advantageous and guaranteed only when ordering via the HOTEL BERG reception. The prices for extra beds differ from individual agents (Booking, Agoda, HRS, Exedia ...), competitive brokerage sites do not have a single calculation for the price of an extra bed.

Is there a bar in the room?

  • Yes in every room there is a room equipped bar.
  • For a fee, you can use it as a fridge, the content of the room bar will be removed by the hotel staff.
  • The consumption of the room bar is not included in the price.

Are the rooms airconditioned?

  • The rooms on the third highest floor have mobile air conditioning (rooms 301, 302, 303, 304 already included in the price).
  • For double rooms with a balcony, air conditioning can be ordered for 250 Kč per day. (not included in the price)

Is it possible to extend Check-out?

  • An extended check-out after 11am is only possible if there is no arrival to this room, the price is 120 Kč / hour. (max do 16 hour)

Is it possible to store our bikes?

  • Yes, we have a secure container - cycloboxes for storing bicycles. The service is free for hotel guests. You need to import your security padlock or buy it in reperception.

Are Pets Allowed?

  • NO. we do not allow pets anymore, we have had many negative occasions when the client makes a reservation and then arrives with a dog that has its own specific smell, especially when it was in the water. The owners do not feel it and see it as a problem, but we are unable to prepare a room for other clients after such a stay. We have complained. for dog hair and odor ...
  • We rebuked the rule that there was only one dog on the floor, so he was only on request and confirmed by the reception. The dog was allowed to weigh up to 6 kg, the price is 250 CZK / night. Clients, however, did not respect this, did not give us true information about their pets.
  • Another reason for the cancellation was the inconsistency of Booking Booking Systems, Expedia, HRS, Agoda and Previo, where it was not possible to set a uniform procedure for all and the right presentation for possible pets.


Are smoking rooms in the hotel? 

  • The entire hotel is non-smoking.
  • There are reserved seats in front of the hotel and the place at the smoking table to stand on the terrace.
  • The penalty for smoking is 5.000 CZK and the lost profit for renting the room for the following 2 working days (+ possible non-working days) when the room can not be occupied

To what time is an open terrace, restaurant, or bar?

  • The terrace is open until 22 o'clock (with service within 17 hours), we are obliged to follow the procedure of Article 5 (6) of Act No. 251/2016 Coll., "The period of night rest is the period from the twenty-second to the sixth hour.
  • The restaurant is open until 22 o'clock, the last food service is possible until 21.30, at 22 o'clock the sink and kitchen equipment must be switched off as well as the reason for observing the nightly people and the considerations of the guests who have rooms over the restaurant and the kitchen.
  • After 22 o'clock, you can use the Lobby Bar, or for larger groups of ringoland rental with a bar and dance floor.

Is it possible to pay by credit card? In case of credit card payment, is there a charge?

  • Yes, a Visa, Master Card and Maestro payment card can be used for payment.
  • No, no credit card payment will be charged.
  • We only require a fee for a bank charge, for payments to a hotel account from abroad.

How many hours can I accommodate?

  • Working days 19: 00, Friday and Saturday until 22:00 at the hotel reception or at the restaurant bar. In case your arrival is later, you have to notify the reception before your closing time, the card will be placed in the vault located in front of the hotel Berg's restaurant entrance and will be sent an SMS (or email) the place and number of the vault where the card will be inserted and the access code. Other check-ins will be done at the reception in the morning.
  • Permanent clients can use fast online check-in, business stays in single rooms 104,105, 204,205 and double rooms 106,107. This is a mobile smartphone application to send you an access code that will allow you to use your smartphone as well as a hotel key during your stay. More at: http://www.hotelberg.cz/en/contacts/on-line-check-in/
It is possible to draw on a 10% discount on accommodation (for non-refundable rate).
  • Unfortunately, these packages are already favored by a higher percentage, and discounts are not added
  • "Non-refundable price" "non-refundable rate" applies only to the accommodation services where the guest pays for the order and is not entitled to a refund when canceling and changing the reservation.

How is the accommodation fee charged?

  • The statutory fee is not included in the price and is collected from the guests at the end of their stay.
  • Local Fees Act (full version) Regulation No. 565/1990 Coll. as of 1 January 2020

§ 3a Subject of the Fee

  • (1) The subject of the residence fee shall be a paid stay for a maximum of 60 consecutive calendar days with an individual provider of stay.

§ 3b Exemption from fee

  • (1) A person shall be exempt from the residence fee
  • a) a blind person, a person who is deemed dependent on the assistance of another natural person under the Social Services Act, a person holding a ZTP / P card and his / her guide,
  • b) under 18 years of age,

§ 3c Fee base

  • The basis of the residence fee is the number of commenced days of stay, with the exception of the day of commencement of the stay.

§ 3d Fee rate

  • According to the municipal regulation, the rate of the residence fee is CZK 30.

§ 3f Fee payer

  • (1) The payer of the residence fee shall be the provider of the paid stay.
  • (2) The fee payer is obliged to collect the fee from the taxpayer.

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Stay packages

  • 1. Romantic spa wellness stay for couples
    1. Romantic spa wellness stay for couples

    from 4 450 Kč

  • 5. Perfect relaxation in Berg for one person
    5. Perfect relaxation in Berg for one person

    from 6 250 Kč